New Canada Food Guide a reflection of Fresh & Local

Tour the New Canada Food Guide at Fresh & Local Farm Outlet

The local produce and products in the Fresh & Local Farm Outlet reflect the changing appetite of Calgarians for a more plant-based diet. Turns out, the new Canada Food Guide looks like a blueprint for the Fresh & Local Farm Outlet.

“Two years ago when we decided to focus our support on the accessibility and affordability of sustainable local agriculture for local families, local fruits, vegetables and small batch products were in demand”, describes co-founder Darrell Komick. “Opening our own fresh & local produce location allows us to listen and respond to the food needs of Calgarians”.

Even today in the dead of winter, over 70% of the products in the Farm Outlet are grown, produced and raised locally. “We have fresh Romaine lettuce from Fresh Flavor Farms, kale from Vertically Fresh Farms, basil from NuLeaf Farms, tomatoes and cucumbers from Big Marble Farms, organic carrots and potatoes from Poplar Bluff Organics, fresh farm eggs from Britestone Farming, organic apples from Harkers Organics, organic grains, lentils, peas, flax and beans from Grainworks Tillers & Millers, fermented sauerkraut from MOB Kitchens, Thai curries from Mom’s Happy Kitchen, plant based burgers from It’s All Good Organics, dairy free cheese from Basic Roots, organic Jersey cow milk and goat milk from Rock Ridge Dairy and more.

We know our customers’ names. Our level of personalized service is extraordinary; yet our prices are affordable for locally grown and produced products.

If each Calgarian spent $40/week on locally grown and produced food, it would have the economic equivalent impact of creating 45,000 jobs which pay $60,000. That’s what it means to #eatlocal.

A good example of knowing where your food comes from, remember the North American recall of romaine lettuce, every grocery store in North America and every drive through fast food lane was stocked out of salads and lettuce; because Fresh & Local Farm Outlet buys locally grown romaine, lettuce was abundantly available at the Farm Outlet.

Fresh.Local.Affordable. Experience local first hand.

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